torstai 3. lokakuuta 2013

To our fellow Europeans

It's has come to our attention that some of the current members of the European Council have objected to the candidacy of a member of our parliament to join the Council as vice member. It's admirable that politicians who have morals and sense of social justice still exist. We acknowledge that this is due to their voters in different EU countries, who have elected them and hold them socially responsible and accountable.

This is something we are, truth be told, lacking heavily here in Finland. We do not hold our politicians accountable and allow them more freedom to screw us over than is sensible. This is clearly indicated in the intention to send someone who has been found guilty of human rights violation to the very organ that deals with human rights among other issues.

Without the objection of the current members in the Council, our candidate would have joined it, a thought that is at the very least disturbing.

So thank you Europe for your solidarity. Keep it up and keep your politicians honest! We hope to follow suit!

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  1. Could someone clarify, who is "we", which parliament is "our parliament" and who is the parliament member against whom the objection was made?